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To keep our FIT Together runners motivated through the very busy month of December, we came up with the idea for our very first Ultrathon.  The concept was simple – run a total of either 31 miles/50 km in December, accumulated in any way that suited each runner’s circumstances.  This gave several of our runners a great goal to keep on track and we were joined by some friends too which was just fabulous.  When organised, we knew we would give finishers a reward of some type but just didn’t know what!  We were super pleased to come across The Workshop, Aberfeldy whose values align to ours and they made us some beautiful wooden medals.  The medals also mirror our passion for disability sport and the Boardmaker symbol for congratulations was engraved into the medal along with our logo.  Everyone was delighted with the finished article, especially when individual names and distances were engraved on the reverse too.  Great achievement by all runners!  Final distances were:

  • Rachael Crawford 55.9 km
  • Annette Marshall 68 km
  • Bob Strathie 60.36 km
  • Barney Black 86.9 km
  • Ruth Johnson 44.6 miles
  • Caroline Ness 65.6 miles
  • Rob Hoey 77.3 miles


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