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Supporting Young Sports Leaders

Photo Credit: Active Schools Blairgowrie

When asked by her ex-colleagues in Active Schools if she would be interested in supporting their Easter holiday School Sport Coaching Project by delivering a session on disability sport to young sports leaders, Caroline was delighted to say yes.

On Wednesday 3 April, Caroline went to Perth High School on the third day of the Sports Leader Course to deliver a variety of awareness raising activities including a game of goalball.  Goalball is a Paralympic sport and is designed specifically for athletes who have a visual impairment but the great thing is that anyone can play using eye masks, which ensures there is a level playing field.  It is a great experience to appreciate for a brief time what it is like to have one of your senses taken away and opens up the mind of the young people. After a few orientation activities, the young people played a game in teams of three.  The time was also used to provide some background information in an interactive way to build up their knowledge base.

Brilliant engagement from all the young people and Making Sport Fit hopes that they will embrace everything that coaching in disability sport has to offer and be the coaching leaders of the future in this very rewarding area.  Confidence is a huge barrier to coaching athletes with a disability but when coaches realise that the athletes want to take part in sport for the exact same reasons they do, and that if they plan coaching sessions with care, everyone can be included.  This may take trial and error sometimes, but guess what, the athletes don’t care – what they do care about is the fact that you are willing to try!

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