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Strathearn Living Well

Before lockdown took over our lives, Making Sport Fit had very recently been attending a Strathearn Peer Support group facilitated by GrowBiz for like-minded small businesses interested in offering services in the local community.  Making Sport Fit isn’t restricted to any one area and can easily travel across the area to deliver our bespoke services, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of what we can offer.

The group had been discussing our direction/purpose and surprisingly, the current situation with COVID-19 has provided exactly that!  We are now collaborating on a voluntary basis as ‘Strathearn Living Well’ and describe ourselves as a group of people living and working in the Strathearn area.  We all provide services that support wellbeing and we have lots of ideas and tips to share.  Our first initiative is in direct response to the coronavirus crisis – Strathearn Living Well in Lockdown.  Our launch event is on Tuesday 5 May at 2.30pm when we will explain how to connect using Zoom and also what the project will look in the coming weeks.

All the small local businesses taking part have collaborated on running short sessions that are about giving people some time for themselves to learn something new, gain a new perspective or try something new.  No-one knows how the world will look in the longer term but we all agree that in the short term we need to look after ourselves and each other.  After our launch event, we plan to run regular short sessions on a wide range of topics on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2.30pm.  Join us if you can!

It is very exciting to be part of this proactive approach to supporting those who need it most during very challenging circumstances.  You can find the group on all social media platforms – access to the lockdown events is not restricted to people living in the Strathearn area – if you are interested, please join in!  You can find more details about how to join by visiting us on Facebook or signing up directly on Eventbrite.

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