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FIT myshoes is the brand name for all of our training products.  We currently offer the following which focus on inclusion, social responsibility and mental health:

  • Primary Schools  Training is aimed at P4-P7 pupils to provide them with a simplified understanding of what inclusion means through a short classroom session. This is followed by opportunities to plan and lead small activities in the sports hall. 
  • Secondary Schools  Training targets senior pupils and is a new approach to raising awareness that taking life for granted isn’t a given. They will understand that legislation exists for the reasonable provision of services – they are the workforce of the future and they need to follow through confidently on their social responsibility to be inclusive.  This training will combine both a practical session followed by a classroom session using innovative Strategy Cards which are based on instructional design and gamification principles.
  • Adults  This is a 10 week physical literacy package to support good mental and physical health.  This combines a short classroom session each week to provide individuals with the physical competence, confidence and the motivation to understand/value physical activity complemented by a Jogscotland session. The training is aimed at complete beginners with a target of running continuously for 15 minutes by the end of the 10 weeks. This programme is aimed at people aged 16+.

If you are interested in any of our training products or would like a bespoke training package, please get in touch for a consultation.

Check our full Terms & Conditions and Pricing Information for further details about all of our services.

About Making Sport Fit

Sport is such a wonderful way to experience lots of positive opportunities -make new friends, learn new skills, develop your performance, achieve goals, improve your health… the list goes on! It truly can be life changing with so many social, physical and mental health benefits - Making Sport Fit wants you to be part of it.

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