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At the very core of our purpose is founder Caroline’s passionate belief that everyone can take part in sport in a meaningful way, regardless of the many actual and perceived barriers that exist.  FIT mypotential is a service offered to individuals to help break down those barriers.

How does taking part in a ‘mainstream’ sport session make you or your son/daughter feel? A burden, misunderstood or judged?  These are words used all too often sadly to describe personal experiences in sport, but we can work together to open up doors and educate communities.  Making Sport Fit’s values of equality and equity can help you to be heard – you do belong, you do have a right to be included and providers have a duty to welcome you into their sports and physical activities.

Making Sport Fit offers a variety of ways to support individuals:

  • one-to-one specialised coaching in a variety of activities including boccia, athletics and Jogscotland Learn to Run or Walk for Fitness
  • SOMA (Sporting Opportunities for Motor Activities) for people with profound and complex disabilities to maintain fine and gross motor skills
  • support you to identify your sport/activity of choice and make the connection with the provider on your behalf. Liaise with the provider about your specific requirements and future ongoing participation, including any training opportunities for the provider
  • act as a buddy by attending with you to your sport/activity of choice each week and physically support you to take part
  • we can make bespoke storyboards with Boardmaker and we also have BIG Step switches and pillow switches to help with independent communication

The aim of Making Sport Fit’s intervention is the positive outcome of you taking part in regular, meaningful and sustainable sporting opportunities where you truly feel you can be the best you can be and to maximise your potential in a supportive environment.  Support can be for as long or as short as you need.

Get in touch to discuss your personal requirements.

About Making Sport Fit

Sport is such a wonderful way to experience lots of positive opportunities -make new friends, learn new skills, develop your performance, achieve goals, improve your health… the list goes on! It truly can be life changing with so many social, physical and mental health benefits - Making Sport Fit wants you to be part of it.

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