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Lockdown FIT

It hasn’t been possible to pursue work in schools, deliver on events or lead weekly sessions during lockdown but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy!

We have had the pleasure of working with various practitioners at Strathearn Living Well, all of whom either work or live in the Strathearn area when we all offered free bite-size sessions to local people and beyond to support them to Living Well in Lockdown.  We peaked this week after a collaboration with Kids Week in Crieff (another victim of COVID-19), when we delivered a varied selection of activities each day in a #kwictakeover – wow, well done everyone, so interesting!  Making Sport Fit sessions over the weeks included how to get involved with the Jogscotland Walk for Fitness or Learn to Run programmes and how to design an inclusive sports day in the garden.  This week we designed 3 different tasks for Kids Week in Crieff – design a new game/sport plus two different scenarios.  The scenarios were designed to provoke thinking, both in sport and the community and to encourage young people to make inclusion a natural part of what they do every day.  There is no time limit to completing any of these activities – you can download them from our Facebook page or email us for more information.

Five of us took part in the Making Sport Fit Heart 200 Virtual Route Challenge which was great for making our distance count, especially in the earlier days of lockdown when we weren’t allowed out often or for very far – definitely helped keep the mind and body active.  Well done to everyone who finished!  We recently updated the Challenge details to reflect current guidance so you are still welcome to do this either actually, virtually or by doing a combination of both.  We have a fantastic book to be won – check out how to be in with a chance to win it!

We have taken part in numerous learning sessions delivered by a varied range of providers so we have lots of new skills to help us moving forwards.  Three COVID-19 risk assessment training sessions have also been completed so we are feeling very confident about our working practices to keep everyone, including ourselves, safe.  Of particular interest was the Miss-Hits Tennis training – great ideas that will come in very useful when we are working with children who have disabilities.  We also participated in the Older Veterans and Dementia Awareness Training sessions with Age Scotland so this is something we are really keen to develop further in the local area.

Excitingly, we also got a wee jingle made for us by The Echo Lab to go along with a short song we created to support another new idea – watch this space!

And we featured in the Business Profile of the Courier recently which gave us a very welcome boost – the link to the article can be found here.  Fame!

And lastly, but certainly not least due to the significant amount of work we put in, we also re-submitted our application to Scottish Edge 16, the Scottish Business Competition which was postponed due to COVID-19.  There were 329 applications submitted across all categories so fingers crossed, we made the cut!

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