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It’s all about the athletics!

It definitely has been all about the sport of athletics recently.  Caroline hasn’t been running as many races as usual this year but she just loved her latest event – even more so because it is highly popular and took her two years to secure a place.  The Round Sheffield Run is a really fresh format and not the type of distance Caroline would normally run, but it’s difference is what appealed.  The event is 20K of running over 11 timed stages with additional ‘recovery’ stages in between, the idea being you walk and socialise with other runners around you.  And although you can jog in these stages too, not one single person took this option and it was fantastic to see the social aspect of the event shine through whilst chatting to some lovely people.  You do still need to walk briskly though in the recovery stages (you only have a certain amount of time) – Caroline was almost caught out a couple of times because she didn’t know the route, not realising how long each recovery stage might actually be in terms of distance!  They also have the great idea of using orienteering type dibbers to clock in and out of each stage, but also when crossing busy roads which meant runners weren’t compromising on their safety.  With more than 1600ft of climbing over a relatively short distance, it was a nippy route to say the least!  Would definitely recommend this.

The next day, Caroline headed over to Woodbank Stadium, Stockport to help with the Schools Half Marathon.  What a fantastic morning of primary school children running the final 1.1 mile of a cumulative half marathon.  Over 270 pupils from 6 schools attended and what a wonderful bunch of supporters they all were to their friends – the power of sport is truly amazing.  Each child received a fantastic medal after finishing their final lap under the full sized finish line gantry – very emotional!  Medals were presented by running coach and elite performance manager Steve Vernon and Ross Millington, an athlete who represented Great Britain at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  The Schools Half Marathon is part of the Schools Running Movement by UK Run Events – more news on this to follow soon!!

A couple of weeks after that, Caroline helped tutor at the Coaching Assistant course in the fantastic Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow.  To be with two experienced lead tutors and eighteen inspiring individuals who want to help develop the sport of athletics is such a positive experience and it is such an honour to be part of the Scottish Athletics family.  The weekend proved to be even more exciting because Caroline was recommended as being signed off as a co-tutor – weekends don’t get much better than that!

And lastly, we have now set our new jogscotland programme of Beginner FIT, Improver FIT and Wheely FIT, all starting in September.  Beginner FIT is a 10 week block for people new to running and Improver FIT is a weekly session to help runners who can already run 15-30 minutes to improve.  We are really excited about our brand new and unique Wheely FIT sessions though – these weekly sessions are open to anyone who pushes wheels!  Traditionally, Mums on the Run is the jogscotland programme for mums with buggies but Making Sport Fit have taken that a step further and are inviting anyone who pushes their son/daughter/person they care for in a manual wheelchair to join in too.  Physical activity is important for all members of our communities and families or carers who support someone in a wheelchair shouldn’t miss out – come along and get fitter and your wheelchair companion gets to enjoy the banter and fresh air too!  Check our flyer for further details.

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