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Communities in Action!

The silver lining that fell out of the COVID-19 pandemic offered us a couple of different opportunities to utilise our skillset – one of these was a contract with Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust.  Both Meigle and Ardler villages are lovely places to live, work and play in, with a magnificent history and heritage to explore.

One of our initial tasks was to develop a Smart Village for the area – a Smart Village connects people in rural areas and can take many forms.  The Meigle and Ardler Smart Village portal focuses on supporting both communities and is an exciting new way for people to understand more about what’s happening in the area, what businesses are operating and accessing lots of local information (and more!).  We are delighted with the result as are the Trust and we truly hope this fantastic resource becomes the ‘go to’ place for residents, businesses and visitors to find anything and everything out about the area.  You can browse the portal here and see what a brilliant place it is to be part of!  Thanks go to Daniel Muir from Smart Village Scotland for the support to make it happen!

Then the opportunity to create a Community Action Plan for the area was presented and the Trust were delighted to be one of the first few communities in Perth & Kinross to establish their own plan and support the local authority’s vision of empowering local communities.  We participated in training with the tremendous STAR Development Group who have many years experience in their methodical approach to supporting communities.  The whole process was facilitated by us and the infamous Colin Roxburgh with the support of the Steering Group during the depths of the winter COVID-19 lockdown and it was a rather mammoth undertaking during such difficult times!  However, we were delighted to get some great engagement from the community in terms of the community survey, the stakeholder interviews and also the voting week when local people could vote for their preferred priorities across different themes.  All of the reports and the final action plan can be accessed here.

Thank you Meigle and Ardler for welcoming us (even if it was mostly virtual!) and for sharing your ideas to develop a plan that was relevant and unique to you!  We wish you all the very best in bringing your plan to life.

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